Educational Program


Playing and learning

Playing, learning and learning to play: for 4- to 6-year-olds learning is always playful and every playful activity is a natural learning process. As teachers, we use the coexistence of carefree enthusiasm and seriousness, of eagerness to learn, thirst for knowledge and the desire to discover.

We look after, support and motivate the children entrusted to us both respectfully and lovingly. We teach them about mindfulness and sincerity, encourage creativity and self-confidence and give free reign to the healthy development of each individual personality. The languages of instruction are German and English.

Primary School

Discover and develop potential

The transition from kindergarten to primary school and from 1st to 6th class is fluid. Every child is different and has his or her own rhythm, his or her own personal pace. We give our students the time and space to grow, experiment and individually develop their potential.

The course content conforms to the "Curriculum 21". During lessons, as well as during leisure time and sports, our students learn how to express themselves and reflect on their actions in English and German. They develop social relationships, teamwork skills and commitment. It is important to us that our students not only form and stand up for but also question their own opinions.

In the 5th class, initial decisions are made about the transition to secondary school. Students specifically prepare for the intercantonal Preparation Check P5 (former P6). This involves developing, repeating and consolidating topics from German and mathematics lessons.

Day School

Giving structures

ISSO is a day school that takes its role in providing care and support even outside the classroom very seriously, and performs this task with great commitment and dedication. We are convinced that, in particular, social interactions during breaks, while eating together and in free time are essential to personal development and help the children to engage in meaningful activities, discuss things peacefully, and find their way in society. Creative pastimes, homework, experimentation, experiencing nature and lively games are key components of the program at our day school.

In addition, our special extracurricular offerings such as the "Science Club", the "Craftsy Club" for fans of handicrafts, and programming for beginners in our "Robotic Club" provide each individual student with an opportunity to discover hidden talents and develop personal interests.