Private. Bilingual. Individual.

The International School Solothurn (ISSO) is an open-minded, liberal, bilingual all-day school that allows children and young people to develop their individuality and full personality, thereby preparing them for the challenges of our global society.

Familial. Personal. Ambitious.

ISSO is open to local and international families. The school accompanies children from three years onwards in preschool, and leads them up to 10th class at the secondary level.
Thanks to excellent specialist and interpersonal education and teaching, pupils can effortlessly transfer to public or private schools at any level.


Playing, learning, and learning to play: for 3- to 6-year-olds, learning is always playful and every playful activity is a natural learning process.

Primary School

We give every single pupil enough time and space to grow and individually develop his or her potential.

Day School

ISSO is a day school that takes its role in providing care and support even outside the classroom very seriously.