Playing and learning

Playing, learning and learning to play: for 3- to 6-year-olds learning is always playful and every playful activity is a natural learning process. As teachers, we use the coexistence of carefree enthusiasm and seriousness, of eagerness to learn, thirst for knowledge and the desire to discover. We look after, support and motivate the children entrusted to us both respectfully and lovingly. We teach them about mindfulness and sincerity, encourage creativity and self-confidence and give free reign to the healthy development of each individual personality. The languages of instruction are German and English.

Primary School

Discover and develop potential

The transition from kindergarten to primary school and from 1st to 5th class is fluid. Every child is different and has his or her own rhythm, his or her own personal pace. We give our pupils the time and space to grow, experiment and individually develop their potential.

The course content conforms to the Canton of Solothurn syllabus. During lessons, as well as during leisure time and sport, our pupils learn how to express themselves and reflect on their actions in English and German. They develop social relationships, teamwork skills and commitment. It is important to us that our pupils not only form and stand up for but also question their own opinions.

Orientation Stage

My classmates and I

Competing with others is exciting and motivating. The aim is to bring out the best in every pupil!

Our orientation stage consists of 6th and 7th class. Particularly significant in this phase are the first decisions regarding the transfer to secondary school. Every Monday afternoon, the 6th class pupils prepare themselves specifically for the cantonal comparative examinations, which take place every January. During this preparation time, content and knowledge from German and Maths lessons are expanded, repeated and consolidated.

In 7th class, teaching on career choices includes a weekly lesson that enables pupils to reflect on how they view themselves and compare this with how others perceive them. In addition to this, pupils study people in their working environment.

Secondary School

En route to the dream job

In our secondary school (B/E) we look at career choices in more depth. We attach great importance to developing an appropriate further education or career path with each individual pupil. Our teaching staff assist the young people with the composition of job applications, the search for apprenticeships and the transfer to higher secondary education. The pupils enhance their individual studying and learning techniques, which they will require on their way towards professional life.

At the orientation stage and in our secondary school, the subject-based teaching is divided into Nature and Science (Biology/Physics/Chemistry), Geography and History. Just like the other subjects, the course content conforms to the Canton of Solothurn syllabus. However, the topics are not taught in chronological order but in a three-year model that covers all mandatory learning content. The languages of instruction are German and English.

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