Individuality is the key to our school

We are a small, very personal, private day school. This allows us to focus more closely and more intensively on the needs of our pupils. Our aim is for them to be able to develop their skills and abilities in the best possible environment. We also cultivate a trustful relationship with parents on a partnership basis.

It is important to us that we offer a progressive and holistic education that, as well as knowledge and skills, stimulates self-assurance and sensitivity in the children and young people entrusted to us. We also strive to strengthen their sense of responsibility for the environment and community life. We provide a secure and inspiring learning environment and are always ready to help and support our pupils. Thanks to excellent pedagogical and didactic concepts, our pupils can effortlessly transfer to public or private schools at any level.



Focussing on each individual. Developing talent. Promoting a global outlook.

The International School Solothurn (ISSO) is an open-minded, liberal, non-denominational school that allows children and young people to develop their individuality and full personality, thereby preparing them for the challenges of our global society.

We also set great store by personal freedom as well as sympathetic and consistent guidance. Our goal is to enable our pupils at ISSO to feel joy in their own performance, hence facilitating a variety of personal experiences of success.

Cantonal Curriculum

Break down boundaries. Facilitate transitions.

ISSO is oriented towards the cantonal school curriculums, which will be replaced by “Curriculum 21” as from the academic year 2018/2019. This new curriculum aims at national harmonisation and is supported by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education, the federal government and professional organisations. In Curriculum 21, the objectives regarding Maths, Languages, Natural and Human Science as well as Society are accurately defined for all levels. Nevertheless, there is still enough freedom to independently discover and develop knowledge not only of academic topics but also of cultural understanding and communication skills. Cross-disciplinary lessons are of course part of this modern curriculum.

The end of compulsory schooling is to be structured such that the pupils are specifically prepared for starting their vocational training and higher education, and that their educational aspirations and opportunities are taken into account. At this stage, pupils gain more independence, can work on projects and in a problem-solving manner and select from a range of options. Curriculum 21 stipulates the mandatory competencies that are expected of pupils at the end of compulsory schooling.

Culinary Culture

Healthy and tasty!

ISSO attaches great importance to a healthy, balanced diet but also to food that gives both pleasure and enjoyment. Hence, children’s birthdays and other special days are celebrated with culinary delights. We try to take special requests (allergies, religion) into account as far as possible. We also encourage the children to try dishes that are unfamiliar to them.

We strive to achieve the “Fourchette verte” label for our kitchen. Developed by the Geneva Department of Health and Social Affairs, this certificate of quality combines the elements of eating pleasure and healthy diet in restaurants and catering establishments. The label is a part of the scheme to promote health and prevent diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity and cancer. By providing training and support to our catering facility, “Fourchette verte” would promote healthy eating habits among our pupils and staff.

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